Are you ready to start your garden?

Listed below are the necessary steps for turning your dream garden into a reality...

Step 1 - Have a telephone conversation with us to discuss your initial ideas and requirements.

Step 2 - Schedule an onsite visit and initial consultation.

Step 3 - Complete the landscape design questionnaire prior to consultation.

Step 4 - Inspection and assessment of the property.

Step 5 - Together, we design a beautiful plan within any budget.

Step 6 - Sit back and let me work my magic. 

Things to Consider:

  • Do you have or can you acquire a site plan or property blueprint?
  • What type of garden themes are you interested in?
  • How would you describe the basic characteristics of your garden?
  • Are there any functional requirements of your landscape?
  • What is your single favorite color in landscape?
  • Are there any specific plants or flowers you would like to have in your landscape? Any that you would like to avoid?
  • Do you presently have an irrigation system?
  • Do you have any utilities or non-utility items buried in your yard?
  • Do you have dogs in your backyard?

The first step is to have a telephone conversation to discuss your initial ideas and requirements.

The next step in understanding your objectives and goals is to have an onsite visit and initial consultation.
Together with you, I will inspect and assess your property to uncover any issues and document your preferences, needs and budget. 
I may take photographs and detailed measurements depending on the requirements. 

Do not be afraid to formulate dreams about your ideal garden.  It is always best to advise how you want to use your property. 
With this information I can help you realize a sound and beautiful plan within any budget.

My consultation fee of $85 is due at the time of the meeting.  A consultation usually lasts an hour but could go longer.
The length of the consultation varies depending on whether this is a design of a new outdoor space/garden or a redesign of an existing garden, the property issues that may be uncovered, etc.